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How it Works

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Pluckd Studio Unlocks Your Child's
Greatest Potential

Pluckd Studio was started by two best friends, Roslyn Huang & David Gale. Coming from different backgrounds in life, their love for music brought them together. Their dream was simple: create a music community that would appreciate, understand, challenge, and embrace every child just as they are.

The result? Pluckd Studio! A place that revolves around children’s unlimited potential. We promote both creative learning and critical thinking through building a love for music. This helps students not only master the strings and piano, but learn skills they can use throughout life. Overall, we encourage each and every student to be their best.

The right teachers make all the difference. That’s why we balance traditional instruction with positive encouragement. Doing this builds students’ confidence in themselves and their abilities. When music is taught within a community, it allows students to become inspiring, driven, and well-rounded individuals—and accomplishing this is our ultimate goal.

If you're ready to join us for a lesson, get in touch today!

Our Mission

To provide high quality music education in a community environment and for students of all ages to come willingly and wanting to learn that will have a positive trickle-down effect in other areas of their lives.

Our Team

Lessons at Pluckd Studio are experiences created, developed and taught with empathy by the industry's top talents bringing results through innovation and inspiration

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